Thursday, February 17, 2011

on the mend, moving, valentines day and thriller!

Well, it's been almost a whole week since I've been off my last chemo. I get excited for this time because I'm almost always back to my old self. I feel like I could run to the top of the mountain outside our house. Ok, maybe I cant do that but I feel strong and happy and more like myself. Yesterday I got really sick though! I was so bummed out about it. I became really dehydrated all day and I was throwing up and had a very bad headache. It was like the symptoms of my chemotherapy were delayed a week. Bummer. Luckily I have home healthcare nurses that come to my aid. They're great. They came and hooked me up to an IV and I've had 3 liters of fluids since yesterday. This morning was really rough as well, but as most of you know, I have the best sister in the world. After we talked on the phone this morning, she packed up her kids and rushed over to my place. She made me soup, and toast and gave me hugs and got me medicine and even helped hook up an IV for me! She's my best friend. My "soul sista." I feel soooo much better now. I love her.

On to more exciting news. We're moving this weekend! I can't wait. We haven't had our own "place" since 2009. Last year we lived in Cedar City with my in-laws. Nathan was finishing up his degree and I was in hair school. They were so wonderful to have us in their home. I love them so much. They're the coolest in-laws a girl could ask for. The plan was to finish up school and move somewhere new and exciting so Nate could go to grad school. Unfortunately, I became ill and that plan has been postponed. But we are getting a place in Pleasant Grove, UT. I'm really happy about it. That's the little ole town where Nate and I got hitched, and it's fairly close to his work and all of our friends. It's a really cute place, I'll post pictures as soon as we're in. Practically our whole life has been packed up in a storage unit for over a year. It will be so fun to finally unpack everything and hug and kiss all of our dishes and towels and tell them how much we've missed them!

We had to come up to Salt Lake in December so that I could start my treatments. Since Nate didn't have a job yet, we've been staying with family and friends. We stayed with our cousins Nate and Kylie for a few weeks, and we've been staying with our close friends Doug and Rori for the last two months. I used to nanny for Doug and Rori. They have two adorable kids and I just love their family so much. We've become so close to them over the past two years. Rori is like a sister to me. They're totally our second family.

On Valentines day we stayed home and had dinner with Doug and Rori and the kids. Doug made awesome lobster tail and we had sparkling cider champagne. The kids even had their own little champagne glasses and kept "cheers-ing" to every comment.

Cash and Landry with Nate on his birthday
Valentines Day. Doug Rori and Cash. Aren't they the cutest?
After we stuffed ourselves with our Valentines dinner, Rori and I decided to do a little dancing. She has the funnest games on the Wii, and she just bought the Michael Jackson dance game. It is wild. You basically learn every dance he does in his music videos. My favorite one so far is "Don't Stop Till' You Get Enough."
Rori and I dancing to "Thriller"

If you don't have a wii dance game you should seriously get one. They're so much fun and I could play them for hours by myself. Which I have done. If you're totally bored and don't have anything better to do, here's a clip of us dancing. Bye!


  1. well im sorry you weren't feeling well and hope it gets better for ya today!! and it sounds like your v-day was good also, but the best news of all is that you are getting your own place and in pleasant grove which makes you so close to me!! oh that is so great, so at least until april we can hang out!! love you

  2. I loved the "Thriller" dance. I've gotta get5 it. Enjoy your good days and keep up the positive attitude. All this will be behind you before you know it. Love you! Mom