Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PET Scan Results

Well after a long week of waiting for my PET scan results, I finally saw my Oncologist today. All is clear! Hooray!

Now with that being said, there are still a few risks. There is a 30% chance it could come back within the next few years. The first 2-3 years being the most high risk. That sounds like a lot, but when I think about how there is a 70% chance it wont come back, that makes me feel better. I will have to get a PET scan or a CT scan every three months, as well as a few other tests yearly.

I am so relieved. I felt pretty positive during this whole time, except when I actually did my PET scan last week. I think it's only natural to be nervous, but one whole week was WAY too long to wait for the results. Every day I got more and more nervous. I was so tense this morning I thought I was going to faint! Glad it's over. It feels really good.

I want to thank my family and friends for being so supportive. I wouldn't have been able to endure this without so many loving and caring people in my life.

In the elevator after the good news.

Well I have a lot more to update about. I went to Chicago! I'll write more about that stuff soon. Just wanted to share my great day.