Sunday, February 20, 2011

full packed weekend

We moved into our new place! I love it. We have the most wonderful friends and family in the world. We had so many helpers and everyone even pitched in cleaning. The place was a pig-sty when we got there.

I'm so grateful to everyone who helped because I would not have been able to do it by myself. I get worn out very easily. Fortunately, we got a lot done the first day, and I've been able to do a lot while Nate is working. It's coming together nicely.

Our last night before we moved, we took Cash and Landry to the Nickelcade. It's an arcade where you pay in nickels. We spent hours there. It was a blast.

Nathan and I miss those kids already. They are a riot.

Sunday, we went to a baby blessing. Our close friends Lish and Whitney had their sweet little Yale in December. He's a cutie. They recently moved to St. George, which is about five hours away. We're sad we don't get to see them very often, but it was nice to catch up this weekend and be a part of such a special day for them.

The time seems to be speed up when my chemotherapy is close. I have my fifth infusion tomorrow. Honestly, I've been dreading it since Sunday. Just got to keep my head up! It will be fine, and maybe even easier this time. My best friend Tara is going with me, so either way it will be a good day.

One last thing, my beautiful, talented, sweetheart of a sister-in-law is famous! She was in the March issue of Fitness. It was so fun to see her pretty face in such a popular magazine. If you don't already read her "blob" you should. She is amazing.

Smell ya later!


  1. im so glad you are moved in!! let me know when me and asher can come see ya!! good luck on the chemo, have fun with tara!!

  2. I'm so excited that your all moved in! Sorry I wasn't able to help :( Now we just need to start planning our craft days! I'm so stoked for them, if you can't tell :) Good luck tomorrow. Be strong! Your so amazing!! Call me when your feeling ready to get together.

  3. Sucks that you got sick again last week! Glad Kristen's making u eat! And glad that Tara will be at chemo w u tomorrow. I hate that I'm stuck in Stupid Texas being Stupid Pregnant!!! Be tough, I'm sooooo proud of u and I miss you sooooo much! <3

  4. Stay positive tomorrow. You'll get through this in no time and then you'll have another one behind you! I'm glad Tara will be with you. I can't wait to come out! All my love, Mom