Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PET Scan Results

Well after a long week of waiting for my PET scan results, I finally saw my Oncologist today. All is clear! Hooray!

Now with that being said, there are still a few risks. There is a 30% chance it could come back within the next few years. The first 2-3 years being the most high risk. That sounds like a lot, but when I think about how there is a 70% chance it wont come back, that makes me feel better. I will have to get a PET scan or a CT scan every three months, as well as a few other tests yearly.

I am so relieved. I felt pretty positive during this whole time, except when I actually did my PET scan last week. I think it's only natural to be nervous, but one whole week was WAY too long to wait for the results. Every day I got more and more nervous. I was so tense this morning I thought I was going to faint! Glad it's over. It feels really good.

I want to thank my family and friends for being so supportive. I wouldn't have been able to endure this without so many loving and caring people in my life.

In the elevator after the good news.

Well I have a lot more to update about. I went to Chicago! I'll write more about that stuff soon. Just wanted to share my great day.


  1. Mel, I'm so happy to hear this news! I hope that you and Nate celebrate.

  2. I'm so, so happy for you!! Love you, Mel!

  3. Hooray!! So long crappy cancer! Your new shirt looks so cute on you too :)